A testimonial is a referral, it's a person's way of telling you they are recommending you use the service for which they are providing testimony. Testimonials and referrals from our patients are the highest compliments our office could ever receive, we are grateful for every one of them.

At The Active Life we are fortunate to have patients who fly in to town from all over the world for their evaluation. Those patients get hands on work for as much time as they can while they are here before leaving to go home with instructions from our doctors. For that reason some of these testimonials are reflective of the distance work our doctors do as well as our local hands on work. Please enjoy.

“I came to The Active Life feeling beat up after the Grid season. After seeing him 1-2x a week regularly for the past two months, my body is feeling better than ever. He’s improved some nagging injuries, and addressed some of the underlying issues that have hindered my progress in the past. Among the best I’ve ever worked with! What’s even better and unique to The Active Life is that I’ve been able to maintain my results and even improve my ranges of motion and performance with remote Performance Care training. This is ideal for me due to the amount of traveling I do. I’m able to get thoughtful and smart programming designed to correct MY specific movement restrictions and strength balance discrepancies. It’s a game changer.”

- Drew Canavero - Reno, Nevada (Formerly Manhattan, NY)


“Due to severe arthritis, I’ve had two hip replacements. I found myself limping regularly and unable to climb stairs easily with my right leg. I was fearful that the first replacement had somehow gone bad. At 45 years old this was not the way I wanted to feel every day. Nearly six months later and I am thrilled to say I have not limped in weeks, am able to climb stairs with no problem, can step up on a box, and my leg is feeling the most “normal” it has in over 2 years. The progress has been amazing. I had nearly given up and thought I’d lead a life of limping and never feeling “right”…now I see a future of getting back to CrossFit. I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone with any issue sign up for an evaluation before you throw in the towel. These doctors listen and work with you to achieve your goals. I don’t know where I would be without them!!!”

Allison H. - Huntington, NY

“I have been working on treating a hip injury for four months with The Active Life. Today my orthopedist who originally wanted to operate told me that what I’ve been doing has been working and I do not need surgery! The team at The Active Life has given me more then I can ask for. I can walk and be there for my kids and husband and get through my days! I’m pretty close to no pain at all.”

Margo M. - Cedarhurst, NY

"I came to Active Life with old shitty tendons and connective tissue deterioration. My shoulders hurt whenever I would press. Dr. Sean and Dr. Jeremy have been a huge help, I would definitely recommend them, they are excellent."
Mike M. - Long Beach, NY

"I came to Active Life with back pain and knee pain when I worked out or played sports because of poor range of motion. I was referred by a friend and it was a great referral. The results speak for themselves. I feel better than I Have in years and I'm performing in ways I never thought I could"
Rick V. - Oceanside, NY

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